Scott Laverie | To Work, Yonder Sounds The Gong

Gallery Metro is pleased to present the solo exhibition of the scottish artist Scott Laverie in collaboration with Market Gallery, Glasgow. “To Work, Yonder Sounds the Gong” is an exhibition that will take the form of a processional installation encompassing new sculptures, (materials include wood, stone, steel, bronze and aluminium) animations and sound works creating an immersive environment that reflects an exploration into the origins of human society and industry. The title is intended to suggest on one hand an archaic yet heroic vision of human endurance, persistence and progress and on the other hand a lethargic image of modern work ethics.

The installation aims to bring to mind museum dioramas and the concurrent idea that something should be learned by exploring the scenario. The sculptures will be presented like artefacts from an ambiguous event or time and appear to have some mythical purpose. The work therefore comments on human symbolic behaviour which is a theory relating to how societies and organizations are influenced by images and rituals.

Scott Laverie graduated from Edinburgh College of Art in 2003 with a 1st Class BA (Hons) Degree, Drawing and Painting. Recent exhibitions include: Portabello Beach (public intervention), Edinburgh, 2008; Echo, Edinburgh, 2008; Survey, RSA, Edinburgh, 2007; Ganghut Gala Day Event, Scottish Sculpture Workshop, Aberbeenshire, 2007; Wrought, Raised ‘n’ Forged, Embassy Gallery, Edinburgh, 2006.

more about Scott Laverie
more about Scott Laverie

Market gallery is an artist run, non profit organisation based in the east end of Glasgow. It is dedicated to delivering a year round programme of contemporary art exhibitions and event, supporting emerging artists based in Glasgow. Further more market gallery aims to introduce artists from out-with the city to market that will also act as a point of exchange, and participate in reciprocal projects / exhibitions groups based nationally and internationally.

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Scott Laverie | To Work, Yonder Sounds The Gong