Markus Wirthmann

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Water, sand, light and air are frequently used materials in Wirthmanns technical experiments. While the conditions of these experiments are determined by the artist, their aesthetical outcome is usually left to the machines (re)producing seemingly natural phenomena like dunes or solar eclipses. In his exhibitions these phenomena are shown together with the apparatus that created them. Through this combination the artist evades any kind of metaphysical or poetical reference. Yet the visualisation of processes and phenomena which in nature require a long time and plenty of space does not lack a poetic dimension.

Markus Wirthmann | Lichtbildschau | 1998 | Installation | Dimensions Variable

Markus Wirthmann | Swanlake | 2001 | Video | 6 min

Markus Wirthmann | Swanlake | 2001 | Video Installation | Dimensions Variable

Markus Wirthmann | Äolische Prozesse | 2004 | Installation | Dimensions Variable

Markus Wirthmann | Sonnenfinsternis | 2000 | Installation | Floodlight, Disco Ball | Dimensions Variable

Markus Wirthmann | Staudenhof (remix) | 1996 | Dimensions Variable