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May 19th - June 23rd 2007 | Opening May 18th 2007, 7-10 pm

GALERIE METRO is pleased to present too contemporary, André Marose’s first solo-exhibition at the gallery. The artist will show two new works: Exhibition and HUO.

too contemporary literally means the exceeding temporal closeness of the present which makes it impossible to reach a certain distance to oneself while being part of this present. The borders between all things are blurred. The artist’s reaction to this lack of distance is surrender to the openness. Yet, through the shaping of this situation, he tries to preserve himself.

Exhibition reflects on this approach exploring the installation process. Via a projected slide show one can watch the artist experimenting with the different options of exhibiting his works in the gallery space. While the exhibition is shifted from the real space into a “time space”, the various possibilities are condensed into a ”space of possibilities” by being witnessed simultaneously by the viewer. In this meta-exhibition, the individual works of the artist are experienced in their multiple contexts. The insight into to the installation process is contrasted by the translation of the works into a digital projection. Through this translation, the works appear in that form which dominates the experience of contemporary art today. Compared to reviews and documentations of art in magazines, catalogues, Internet etc., the personal experience of art is losing more and more of its significance. The investigation of the mediation of this exhibition is part of the exhibited work itself.

In the video HUO, the name of the curator Hans Ulrich Obrist is turning around itself in a mysterious waft of mist. Every now and then, the initials HUO, which Obrist uses in his numerous interviews with artists, appear while someone shouts HUO. In the context of the exhibition, Hans Ulrich Obrist stands for the mediator of contemporary art par excellence. Due to his omnipresence in art magazines, exhibitions and conferences, as well as his intuition for and his knowledge about the recent tendencies in contemporary art, he turns from a curator as a catalyst of artistic processes and debates to the driving force of contemporary art. In a humorous way, HUO takes up Marose’s personal experience of coming across Hans Ulrich Obrist wherever he believed to discover something new.

André Marose was born in 1973 in East-Berlin and studied at the UdK with Christiane Möbus. He lives and works in Berlin. His works have been exhibited at Artnews Projects, Berlin (2006), Galerie Ben Kaufmann, Berlin (2006), Liverpool Biennial, Liverpool (2002), Manifesta II, Frankfurt (2002), Maschenmode, Berlin (2000) etc. In the end of May 2007 his video Please be quiet will be shown within the series „Music for Galleries“ at the Gallery Neon in Bologna.

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