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July 19th - August 15th 2008
Opening Friday, July 18th, 7-10 pm

I don’t believe in it. It’s not true any way. A film just like real life.
(Give me more, I want more!).
End of Part 1, Break.

First I’ve got to find you. There’s a deep cut, very deep. But finally you arrive at a bridge. You stand halfway across, in the middle of the bridge and look back. Then all of a sudden you start walking. There’s a road under your feet as durable and solid as can be. No! There’s another cut coming up! But stop, not a real one. You just jump over it. A plateau, solid ground, appears. And there, someone arrives, looking like an animal with a hat. Sorry, no African.

Well, you’ve got a perfect center; it’s your world. You live in your own world, and there’s a distance to the outside. The clear round center is sinking. Maybe it smashes into pieces and becomes a new world, and then connects to the outer world. Or maybe it’s drowning on solid ground so you will be standing on your feet, so to say.

Turkish Coffee Telling, Istanbul, 14.03.2008.