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September 26th - October 6th 2007 | Opening September 25th 2007, 7 pm

Cover is a group show parallel to the Preview Art Fair in Berlin where we are participating this year. Cover refers to the representation of ideas and groups by symbols or persons. The question of the exhibition is which advantage we gain from the reduction of a complex issue to a symbol or person representing it and what gets lost in that reduction? What gets covered and hidden and what dominates the image?

The exhibition is divided into two parts the long room with four video works of four different artists arranged in one line of four monitors and the small room which is to be understood as a cabinet. The single monitors in the long room become an architecture of their own merging four different works about architecture to one single work. In this sense the four monitors become a meta-work about the relation between the individual and the group in architecture, group shows and in general. Where is the boundary that separates the individual from the group when everything is more or less social and collective? What happens to the individual when it gets included into a bigger context? Do the different works potentise each other or do they equalize each other?

| Sencer Vardarman