Diana Artus

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My work deals with notions of desire and defect, expectation and disappointment.

The city as a phantasmagoria plays a crucial role as my specific area under investigation. Photography is the starting point of my artistic process which inevitably implies the alteration of the images to the point of destroying or foiling them.

I use cheap and easy accessible material reflecting the everyday, the imperfect and the ephemeral such as photocopies, digital prints, tape, postcards, cardboard and markers.

My interest is directed towards the possibilities of a retraction of the actual visible/present and the accentuation of the vague, the imagined and the absent. The resulting works extend the notion of the image towards a playful trial with materiality and installation.

Diana Artus | Everyday Encounter (Detail) | Fine Art Print on Baryt | 31 x 167 cm

Diana Artus | Everyday Encounter | Fine Art Print on Baryt | 31 x 167 cm

Diana Artus | Idol | 2007 | Framed cut-out from a magazine | 26 x 33 cm

Diana Artus | Nightfall | 2008 ongoing | Postcards, permanent marker | 10 x 15 cm

Diana Artus | Promise | 2009 | Poster | Dimensions variable

Diana Artus | Romantical Crisis | 2007 | Double-sided lightbox with flickering lights | 55 x 72 cm

Diana Artus | Domestication | 2005 | Installation view of an intervention in public space | C-Print | 100 x 120 cm

Diana Artus | Situation I (from the series Suspicious Setting) | 2006 | Laserprint on Dekotex | 176 x 123 cm