Galerie Metro opened in April 2007 on Brunnenstrasse in Berlin-Mitte, moved to Berlin-Kreuzberg, first to Wilhelmstrasse and later to Schleiermacherstrasse, where the gallery was finally closed in December 2012. The gallery was run by Kai Schupke, former director of the art association “NewYorkRioTokyo” (www.nyrt.net) and Hannah Beck-Mannagetta, former managing curator of the interdisciplinary project space FIELD (www.field-berlin.com). Metro represented emerging artists mainly working in the fields of video and installation with a conceptual approach and a high sensibility for material and their artistic medium. In addition to the regular exhibition program Galerie Metro invited artists for international exchange group shows as well as solo shows. The name of the gallery has been chosen with reference to the commercial realignment and alludes to the motto of the homonymous wholesaler chain: “cash and carry”. Thus the name “Metro” refers to the reflection of the relation between art and market and the position of our gallery within the art system.